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Cast of Spades
The characters of Spades are very dear to me. Whether my art is able to acurately express the way that these unique people come alive in my mind is one thing, it is quite another how they appear to you. Below is brief general information on each character that has debuted or will debut in the current chapter. As the story progresses, more will be added along with more information. It should be known that the people with the most information on this page have the most to hide! ~DCM


First Appearance::ch. one, page 1

A man with no past. Maybe a past, but damned if he can't remember one. Awakened in an alley on a cold lonely city street, he sits with no knowledge of who he is or where he is. He is missing his right eye. His remaining vision blurred and pained he wanders out into a new world. Don't assume you know where your heroes will come from. Sometimes we all feel a little reasonless guilt.
Cerrasponda Jones

First Appearance::ch. one, page 6

A girl on the street. Stealing for business and pleasure doesn't automatically make you very good at being a thief. A hard life and stranger parents lead to a very confused child crying out for purpose. Cerra is as tough as nails, at least her friends tend to believe that. She is sensitive about talking too much about herself. Interested in keeping busy so not to think about the world around her she leads her team of friends. She's very ignorant of the rest of the world and she prefers it that way. Any mystery she uncovers, even that of the soul of another person she would most gladly ignore.

???/"the snake-guy"

First Appearance::ch. one, page 20

There's not much to be known about our split-headed friend here. It seems he may know Cerra, or maybe he was reffering to another girl who is "messy"....Don't look at me! I don't know these things. Yeesh!

Touma Rigo Touma Rigo

First Appearance::ch. two, page 16

A secretive man who serves as Cerra's partner. He and Cerra are the only of the four who know for whom they actually work. It is well known that Touma and Cerra despise being in the same room let alone working together. Somehow he stands her presence and carries on. He is a genius with computers and electronics, possibly why he was taken on by such a person to do such work. Things never seem good enough for Touma and he is quick to frustration and demanding. All over not a pleasant person, there are sad clues that hint maybe he was not always so loathsome...

Levi Orchard

First Appearance::ch. two, page 19

The oldest member of Cerra's team, being a self-acknowledged 30 somthing, works "communication" for them. He is wise beyond his years but not heavy with the advice. He was the first of the two recruits (Ethan being the second). Cerra and he get along like old friends, but they've only known eachother a short five years. He has a calm air about him at all times. He rarely talks about himself, allowing others to open up around him. Still, this most agreeable man has things he hides from. Things that if anyone else where to know, it would be very bad for him, and possibly everyone around him. He does not know who he or the group works for.

Ethan Madness

First Appearance::ch. one, page 9

One of Cerra's friends of the street. A secretive young man on his good days, and quick to rage on any not so good. He would like people to think he's the baddass of the week, but Cerra treats him as if he were a child. Somehow he stays with her through the abuse. He claims to be searching for something he lost, but no one seems to know what that is, and he's not telling. Cerra certainly doesn't care. He does not know who he or the group works for.

Hakon Emmanuel Hydra

First Appearance::ch. two, page 39

A "Bruce Wayne" in every sense of the name, "Mr. Hydra" holds prestige and power like no other eligible bachlor before him. His grip and influence over the mayor is evident and his companies reach wide. He is beloved and known by the people of his city mostly for his emormous charity and bright smile. He is most known for his finacial backing of the ailing local history protection and reseach programs, and for restoring the city muesem. His interests in Kanon are beneficial for the city at large, but will Kanon respond to this powerful charasmatic man? When he offers to help Kanon restore his memory, you could say Kanon is somewhat persuaded. He currently resides above his most succesful and prospering bank in the clock tower in the middle of the city.


First Appearance::

coming soon...


First Apperance:: ch. one, page 31

Nothing is known about this little girl on the run. Kanon heard her screams across the city, and saved her from being run down in an alley by a speeding car. She instant she was safe she tried to run. Cerra stopped her, and Kanon approached her only to stumble through a vision of more memories...of himself. She begged them not to kill her.

She sports triangle-shaped stud earrings that glow with an eerie blue light. How did this comic-loving terrified little girl come to live on the streets? What does she have to do with Kanon's past, and who was really chasing her?

Peter Shaw, the mayor

First Apperance:: ch. two, page 36

coming soon...

the changed

First Apperance:: ch. two, page 2

Only one example of how the magical shockwaves have effected the citizens of this city. This cat-monster used to look just like any of us. He is human, and in an attempt to survive, took a job with the "snake-guy", as a personal aide.

The Snake-guy has actually called upon the changed of the city to come to him (those who are able) for protection, from the city swat teams, and employment. Other people were not as lucky as this changed, however, during the shockwaves people were changed into objects, severed, teleported, crushed, vaporized, and driven mad with no exterior clues as to their new identity.

D'Nam Ra

First Apperance::

coming soon...

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